Cards by AR, now open on Etsy

If you’re tired of corralling your kids and pets into a family photo for your Christmas card, or are just sick of sending the same old “Three Magi on Camels,” please consider checking out my new Etsy shop. With the craft and department stores months into Christmas merchandising, I would like to introduce: Cards by AR.

I offer customizable text and my illustrations are a little different than your ordinary greeting card. You’ll find some completely new images. And if you liked any of my previous characters, you might see some familiar faces in my shop. I’m convinced Little Red Riding Hood loves Christmas.

I will be adding to my collection over the next couple of weeks so if you don’t see something you like, check back in. Or post a reply with a suggestion, I’m open to just about anything.

Thanks for the support, y’all and hope to see you there!

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